Save up to 60% on
full-service solar package

Soleez not only makes it easy to shop for solar but also can save up to
60% through rebates/tax incentives. Comprehensive tools help you
pick the right system and INSTANTLY search across vendors by just
one click. With its full service program, you can just relax and
watch it go up on your roof.

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Solar under $5K
  • Shop and compare price across vendors
  • Intuitive tools that match the right system
  • Instant and online for quick comparison
Rebates & tax incentives reduce net
cost by upto 50%
Pre-negotiated discount pricing
Soleez offers full service installation that
takes care of all aspects of your solar system
including permits, rebates and installation. All
our services are backed by 10 year workmanship
warranty for a hassle-free operation
Its free to explore and compare. See how it can help you. No obligation Get started

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Phone: 1-855-4-SOLEEZ
Fax: (925)666-1071
M-F: 8AM to 7PM PST
Weekends: 9AM to 5PM PST

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