Help picking solar system

Find your electric usage in kWh(Kilo Watt Hours) by looking at the last utility bills. Compute the average usage as seasonal variations can negatively effect your desired solar system size.

Search for solar systems using the average monthly bill amount in $ or average monthly kWh usage here.

Soleez will automatically recommend systems that offset 60-100% of your current usage.

Narrow down the choice by using the 'filter results' sliders. You can use the guidelines:

  1. Filter based on the 'Net price' to suit your budget. Move the minimum and maximum sliders.
  2. The lower the $/Watt the better 'deal' you get.
  3. Use the 'Roof size' slider to make sure the panels can fit on your roof.

You can browse into the package/system details to see its specs by clicking each of the components.

The approximate rebates/incentives can be seen by placing the mouse over the 'Rebate' icon.

Select the system you are interested by click the 'Get started' button. Dont worry if you selected the incorrect one, we will make sure its the right one for your home.

Enter your contact details and click on the 'Send' button.

You will be presented with a confirmation screen and the details of the system you selected. Details about the system including price,rebates are presented here. A copy of this is also emailed to your email address.

Soleez will assign a Solar relationship manager who will then work with you to go over the next steps.

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