Installation eligibility

Our full-service installation has a few limitations

  • Service area limited to San Francisco bay area within 100 mile radius
  • Roof mounted residential solar photo voltaic panels only
  • South facing roof with enough space to fit the solar panels as per local building code
  • Minimal or no shading on the panels from trees, chimneys, vent stacks, skylights, satellite antenna or other structures
  • Up to 2 storey tall buildings
  • Roof age less than 15 years
  • Installation roof clear of all obstacles like vents, chimneys etc
  • Roofing material limited to composition shingle & flat concrete tile
  • Moderate sloped roof, less than 6:12 roof pitch
  • Roof should support extra weight of the panels & mounting hardware. No structural roof load calculations or other engineering work included
  • Currently serviced by PG&E
  • Space for additional electrical circuit breaker in the electrical service/sub panel. No service panel changes included

New-Home solar eligibility

Newly constructed homes may be eligible for higher CA NSHP rebate. These requirements are in addition to the above installation limits. Our free solar analysis will determine this and we will inform you about other options in case of ineligibility.

  • Home construction completed within the last 6 months
  • Energy efficient home as per latest CBC
  • Require home building plans or blueprints. Contact your builder/contractor or architect.
  • New home solar rebate subject to NSHP approval

Extra priced services

We offer the following services to facilitate the installation of solar electric panels. Prices will be quoted separately in the contract and is in addition to the all-inclusive cost.

  • Roof vent and other obsticle clearing
  • Curved profile roof tile(concrete or clay)
  • Electrical work to change the service or sub panel to make it compatible with grid-tie solar
  • Drafting of plans or blueprints required for NSHP rebates that are not part of solar design or installation. e.g Floor, elevation plans, Title 24 certificates
  • Engineering work required for roof load calculations in jurisdictions that require a professional structural engineer to certify.

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Fax: (925)666-1071
M-F: 8AM to 7PM PST
Weekends: 9AM to 5PM PST

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