Making your decision to go solar EASY and AFFORDABLE

Soleez is a one-stop shop that makes it easy to shop, compare and buy solar electric system for
your home a snap.

View your personal finances online

Makes your solar shopping easier

We believe that shopping for solar system should be easy
and intuitive. You use simple english terms to search and pick
the right system for your home. Like how much will my new solar
system save me on my utility bill?
Or How long will it take to payoff?
What and how much are my rebates/incentives?

Solar shopping made easy
Compare and choose packages easily

One-Stop shopping INSTANT and ONLINE

Soleez works with multiple manufacturers and distributers to pull all their products into one single place. All of this is done real-time and instantly on your browser. No waiting for a quote! Our recommendations are intuitively presented for easy comparison. No need to contact multiple contractors and figuring out how to compare their quotes.

Discounts upto 60%

Save upto 60% on discount pricing

Government rebates and tax incentives can substantially lowering your net cost by upto 50%. All of our products and services are eligible for these rebates and the estimated amount is clearly presented. Soleez works aggressively with manufacturers and distributors to negotiate the lowest possible price. Our tool automatically picks the best priced combination consistently beating competitors by atleast 10%.

Full service installation

Full Service installation and hassle-free warranty

All of our products include installation and hassle-free 10 year workmanship warranty.
Full-service installation means that we will take care of all permits, rebates, installation
and utility connection. You can just sit back and watch the solar panels generate
electricity for FREE all year round. We back our work with a 10-year workmanship
warranty. Putting your mind and investment at rest!
SoleEz is fully bonded and licensed by CA state contractor's board, Lic # 958588.

Contact Us

Phone: 1-855-4-SOLEEZ
Fax: (925)666-1071
M-F: 8AM to 7PM PST
Weekends: 9AM to 5PM PST

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